Review : The Virgin Blue by Tracy Chevalier

Tittle      : The Virgin Blue
Author   : Tracy Chevalier
Publication date  : Published June 24th 2003 by Plume

The Virgin Blue is the first historical fiction novel I read. This book also what made me fall in love with that genre. I used to only care about fantasy, but one day I borrowed this novel from my friend and I was amazed. I read the translated version but it didn’t matter. Good books are good books, no matter what language it is written.
Two women, Ella Turner and Isabelle du Moullin were centuries apart however there were something that keep them connected. Ella Turner moved to France with her husband Rick and then she found bits and pieces about her ancestors life. 
The Virgin Blue is a real page turner and since it is quite short, I ended up wanting more. It’s only 353 pages long and I suspect the English version is even shorter. It is a quick read and I think this is a good novel for those of you who want to start reading historical fiction. Despite of that fact, I can say that I was disturbed, surprised, and definitely satisfied with this book. Yes, it may be short, but I can still remember the chill and scare it gave me.
Overall, it is very worth reading. I strongly recommend this for those of you who love quick but meaningful read (it’s hard to get those type of book, right?). As for the rating, I give it 4.
Have you read this book? When did you start reading historical fiction?