Why I Am Not really Into Crime Books

Hi there, lovely readers, great to see you again! If you take a look at the category of my blog post, you’ll notice that I only read a handful of crime novels. It’s one of a few genres that until now, I can’t get comfortable with. I still read them from time to time, but I cannot devote myself to read them more often. I find it a little convenient too because I cannot stand watching crime news either.
I usually pick this genre when I feel like challenging my comfort zone. Something like, “all right, I am in. Let’s see how uncomfortable you can make me!” I don’t dislike crime book without reasons, though, in fact I have some of them listed. Here they are:
They’re too graphic
If you read a book about murder, usually the crime scene is describe with dead body, gore and the likes. Frankly, I am not strong enough for that kind of mess and to sum it up, criminal world has no place in my heart. Period. End of story. Having said that, I still open a door for books that have great synopsis, if it sounds interesting enough, sure, I’d pick them up. 
TV channels are infested with crime show already
CSI, NCIS, Law & Order, Bones, Castle, they’re just too many of them on TV. If I am in the mood for something wicked I could just turn on the TV. There’s always crime show on air or, not to mention crime news channel. I am just kind of sick with them that I don’t bother to pick crime book, except for rare occasion.
My brain is too old for detective / police works
Crime book are always filled with riddles, tracks or anything that make me as a reader guessing who the suspect is. I don’t mind a riddle or two, but when the main theme of the book is the riddle, I think I’d just say “pass”. I am not as smart as the younger generation. When you’re getting older, a simple read would make your life easier, I guess. 
Crime books are depressing
I know it depends on what theme it is. Money laundering wouldn’t be as heartbreaking as its fellow murder or kidnapping theme, I think. The last two are ones which are most depressing of all. To tell you the truth, I can’t put up reading something devastating. Oh, not to mention that the cops or authorities in crime books are often hopeless, which my biggest pet peeves when reading crime novels.