15 Non-Review Blog Post Ideas for Book Blogs

I am one of those people who believes a book blog isn’t always about reviews. I’d just leave 100% reviews to Goodreads or Amazon and the likes. If you believe the same thing, high five! Herewith I gather 15 blog post ideas for you in case you face blogger’s block (we’ve all been there) and hopefully, it will help you brainstorming for your new contents.

These prompts are actually questions I’d like to ask to fellow book bloggers. Sometimes, a bookworm can get to excited posting all reviews talk, where in fact, we as the readers, do want to know more about the blogger. So, if you are interested in writing different kind of bookish stuffs, here they are! Of course, if you have other ideas to add, feel free to drop them in the comment section *winks*
  1. Tell us about books from your childhood that you still love until now. How did you discover it?
  2. Write a tour post about your favorite library, and if you are allowed to take pictures, post them to your blog too. Also specify what you love from it, or what you wish to be better (if any)
  3. Do you also read in foreign language? What was the first foreign book you read and how did you discover it?
  4. Why did you start a book blog? Tell your readers the back stories of your blog.
  5. Have any blogging pet peeves? List them and state your reasons why you find them annoying.
  6. Have an author that is on your auto-buy/read? Tell us about her/him and why you find her/his work so appealing.
  7. What are your other passions besides literature? Do you still do your other hobbies regularly? Tell us about it! Your readers will surely want to know more about you. 
  8. How long have you been blogging? Are satisfied with your blog’s performance? Is there anything you wish you could change about your blog?
  9. Write a post about your favorite book-to-screen movies. What makes them so good?
  10. Are you a student? How do you find time to read despite of tons of task and exams? Share your tips, your readers might find them helpful.
  11. Do you have any tips on how to save some money when buying books? Tell us about it!
  12. How do you store your books? Do you have some kind of personal library? Why not write a tour post for it?
  13. What’s your worst experience in a book store? I know it’s quite rare, but it’d be fun to read it. So, write and post away!
  14. Are your family/friends readers too? If yes, do you chat about book often? If no, do you feel like an outcast? 
  15. What are the saddest/funniest/scariest books you’ve read? Show your list, so we can add the books to our never-ending to-read list.

All right, that’s all for now, folks! I hope this post can inspire you, or at least chase your blogger’s block away for a while. Now, let’s chat! How often you face blogger’s block? What do you do to keep it at bay?