How Being A Book Blogger Changes My Life

When I started this blog, it never crossed my mind that I’d be still doing it now, 5 years later. It’s something I started out of the blue, no planning whatsoever, heck, I didn’t even know what I was doing. I thought it would be neat to record my bookish journey (after a very long period of not touching a single book). It has been quite a wonderful thing for me. Being a book blogger has changed my self, for the better and I am confident enough to say that I am not the reader I was.
I used to judge book by the cover
I still do, but that stops right there. I love pretty covers, I think it’s already in my soul I cannot change it. However, book blogging makes me realize that sometimes book covers are misleading. Their only job is to catch the attention of the potential readers. The story itself is irrelevant, it could be way better or far worse than what the cover depicts. I learn just to admire it and now I believe covers and stories are two different beasts, not fair to clump them together.
When The Book Isn’t as Good as The Cover
I used to think adventure is everything

… and a book that doesn’t have one is the lamest and not worth reading. Blame my middle school education that taught me that a story had to have a conflict and a solution.

What a blasphemy!

To tell you the truth, there are too many book I’ve read so far that has no real conflict-solution combo. Some problems are not to be solved, that’s a part of life. Even I read this book Flora that most of the scenes are indoors and guess what, it is one of the best historical fictions I’ve read. Lessons learned, the setting doesn’t matter, also a book doesn’t have to include a near death experience for it to be good.

I used to believe fantasy is the thing

Now I don’t. During my youth, I was obsessed with magic and dragons and artifacts. I believed fantasy was the only genre that fit my “escape from reality” mission. Why would anyone read a (boring) realistic fiction when it is set in the same (boring) universe as his/her own.

Oh, how I knew nothing back then! 

Being a book blogger makes me realize that my reading taste can change. It’s like choosing clothing style. This year you crave for anything bold while next year you adore the lovely pastel. I still love reading fantasy, for nostalgic sake but I am confident enough to say that I am not as crazy about it as I used to.

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I was convinced I didn’t have enough time
Still not enough time, but I make time to read anyway and I am glad I took that decision. If it weren’t for blogging, I would lose motivation to read more, because I have no medium to express myself. With a blog to update, I have this feeling like I read for a reason and I also blog for a reason and despite of its ups and downs, me and blogging are getting along very well.
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I reckoned blogging was hard
It is hard indeed, I wish I could say that blogging is a piece of cake. If anyone tells you that blogging is easy, he’s lying. Even though it is not a rocket science, it is a quite demanding hobby, if you take it seriously. It takes much work like coming up with blog post ideas, promoting your content (if you really want to get your name out there), socializing with other bloggers (which I suck at), interacting with your readers, all of them requires time and commitment. One thing I learn about it is that I have outgrown the stats maniac phase, thanks to Google Analytic’s confusing chart. Sometimes ignoring the stats altogether makes blogging easier. It takes the pressure off, and when you blog without pressure it feels a lot better.