So, This Is How I Turned into a Reader

To tell you the truth, my reading diet wasn’t as various. Kids nowadays seem to have a lot to choose from: magazine, mangas, comic book, children’s chapter books, not to mention the graphic novels. How can I not be envious? There’s a good side, though. My oldest is able to read now. Nothing complicated yet (like the newspaper), she can read short picture stories and I hope in a few months, she will be patient enough to digest a chapter book.
So, this is what she regularly reads for now. Most of the time, she still asks me to read for her, especially before bed. She would scream high pitch whenever she sees me bringing this magazine for her. It’s so lovely to see her smiling wide.
It’s actually a nostalgic thing for me. I used to be in her position, a child who would wait for her father to come home bringing a new magazine. And when at school, I couldn’t wait for it to end and go home and read my new magazine. 
So here it is, the magazine that did wonders in my childhood. It is also responsible for turning me into a reader and I am so glad it still going strong despite of too many magazines stop their publication lately. Bobo also has just turned 41 (the anniversary was only a few months ago). So, here are some of my daughter’s magazine that I picked randomly. The one on the right put “the benefits of reading” as the headline. Way to go, Bobo!
You know, what also makes me happy is the appearance. It is so much more interesting and eye-catchy now compared to the editions I had back then. Now it’s full-colored with fancy illustrations and the paper is better quality. Mine has some colors, but most of the pages were simple black and white. Here’s a sneak peak, it looks lovely (and cute!), don’t you think?
Oh, I forgot to mention that this is not a sponsored post. I am not compensated in any way by Bobo. This post is simply my way to tell you about my childhood read and how I am so glad I can share the same joy I had with my children. Who would’ve thought a mere children magazine could turn me into a bookworm, while back then I almost didn’t read book (except school’s text book). At least it did a great job in releasing my inner bookish passion and I wonder, will it also work with my children. I surely hope it will!
So, I’d love to know about you. What did you read during childhood. Is it still available now? How did you get your childhood reading material? Bought by parents? Library? Please share!