5 Reasons Why I love Reading Your Blog

I love reading various blog posts. Not just the bookish type, actually. I also subscribe to beauty, fashion, fitness and lifestyle blogs. It is amazing that today there’s a blog for every niche possible. I also prefer blogs to a magazine website, for example, because I get to see the writer behind is and somehow it makes it more interesting.

I have seen bloggers come and go, many of my favorites decided to stop blogging and it saddened me. Well, I guess that’s just what life is, but I also learned that blogging, in general is here to stay. As long as there’s the internet, blogs will stay alive. If any of you recognize me as one of your subscriber/follower, consider your blog has one (or more) of these traits:

You write with your own voice, this is the reason I landed on your blog home page in the first place. Your voice and personality captured me. You are unique and know how to make yourself stand out from the crowd. You make sure that your blog doesn’t look (or sound) like governmental website. Where’s the fun in that, really?


You make the readers feel welcome … with your friendly gesture, like caring when they leave comments. Discussion post in a regular thing on your blog, this make me believe that you care about your readers. Having conversation with them is important to you, it like we’re friends on a virtual world. Who wouldn’t love having more friends?

You share helpful tips. Well, we’re all good at something. You, my friends must good at something too. I for example good at making myself getting sleepy while reading. While I am good at something silly, I am sure that you, on the other hand are good in doing something useful and you kindheartedly share your tips to your readers. Isn’t that heartwarming?

You write about books.  I love reading what other bookworms write. Even when you are not actually a book blogger, but have some bookish stuffs sometimes and I find them interesting, I’d be sure to follow. Pretty obvious, right?

Your blog is just interesting, or maybe I could say that it’s “just because”. I have some blogs on my feed that have nothing to do with my interest. I am lack of words on how to describe it properly, but some blogs catches your attention within seconds and you can’t help but to click “follow”. I wish mine to be as cool as theirs. Have you ever had similar experience?