So I Started to Workout and This Is How I Feel

I am one of the most nonathletic person in this planet. I am skinny, petite and sport is just too intimidating for me. I am not built for it. I don’t have any reason as to why I should workout. Don’t blame me, if you watch Youtube videos or look at Pinterest infographics, 99% of them are labelled with “weight loss”. I don’t want to lose weight, heck I need to gain more pounds, to be honest. I felt grumpier and grumpier.
And guess what, feeling grumpy is one of the signs that you need to workout. 
Ironic isn’t it? So I started digging. I didn’t like the way I feel, didn’t like the way I looked. After giving birth of two children, this body really needs to be toned up a bit. I started with what they called the easiest and cheapest workout ever. Running. 
So, there’s a jogging track just beside my workplace. A perk that I didn’t take advantage of even after (almots) 7 years of working at this building. Everybody goes there, young and old. Not only for running, there are also kids practicing with their skateboard in the afternoon. It’s a fun place, actually but I overlooked it.
And I started it, 3 times a week in the morning and loosely follow this method. I said loosely because I’ve been doing this for a month now and I still can’t run for 36 minutes non stop. Everybody has different stamina, and in this case, it is okay just to go with your pace. I don’t force myself, it’s not like I want to be a running athlete or something. I just need to chase the bad mood away arrrgh!
Guess what? Darn, it feels so good! It is worth every drop of your sweat (gross, I know). It definitely improves my mood and my sleep quality. I wake up feeling rejuvenated and I now have better appetite. I thought working out would only make me too tired to work. But that’s not the case. It doesn’t interfere with my productivity at all.
So far, I am happy with what it gives me. I hope I will never lose my motivation. Oh,  and I know how to keep my motivation for a longer time. By buying something new. So, I bought some working out clothing, nothing fancy, but they’re new and they make me excited. If you are like me, maybe shiny new things will keep you motivated as well.
I also do some variations. Aerobic workout is my favorite, because it’s oh so much fun! I found some videos on Youtube, many of them are for beginners and easy to follow. You should check them out, too! 
And these are what I learn after a month of starting to workout:
  1. Don’t force yourself. Take it easy, you want to enjoy it and it’s not going to be enjoyable if you feel like you’re doing a chore.
  2. Your diet matters. Eat crappy food and you won’t get the benefit at all. What good is the workout it doesn’t give you benefits? Love yourself and choose healthier meals.
  3. Rest, rest, rest. Your body needs time to heal, especially if you are new to this. It’s not used to it yet. Expect to feel sore the next day. It is normal. Light massage helps, resting helps. Do whatever makes you comfortable.
  4. Don’t forget to hydrate, and …
  5. Having fun is a must!

I am glad I made this decision and I hope you will consider it too. I wish I did that sooner, since it is actually not very difficult to start. I’d love to hear from you. Do you exercise? If yes, when did you start? If no, are you planning to?