About Me

Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by!

Since you are here already, I assume you want to know a little bit about me, right? *blushes*. Well, I am a bookworm, mom of two beautiful girls (Callista and Vanya). I fell in love with books ever since I knew how to read. I just cannot get enough of them, seriously. I started this blog because I want to keep track with books that I have read. I also would love to socialize with other book lovers and bloggers out there so we can share our thoughts, opinions or simply a chit chat. I read mainly fiction and my favorite genres are magical realism and historical fiction. I just love to read stories from a different world, that’s why. Having said that, I am not that picky. I read any genre, it’s the title that interest me actually (and the cover sometimes. Yes, I can be that shallow).

On this blog, my review is based on whether I find the book to be enjoyable or not. I don’t really talk about literature aspect, because I am not a literature expert. So, I’d leave it to those who know what they are talking about *grins*. My reviews are my honest opinion, so I just tell it like it is. However, I believe that the best judge is yourself, so just read books that interest you, no matter what reviews they get.

 I work full time and since my hands are full already I still wonder where on Earth I get my energy from to keep blogging *grins*. I guess reading books is simply my passion, and your passion is the best motivation you can get. Oh, did I mention it’s therapeutic too?

When I am not reading, you’ll find me surfing the internet. I have huge passion for internet too. Thank you for stopping by, kind readers. Make yourself at home 🙂


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