Awesome Bookish Sites for Bookworms

Hi folks, great to see you again! As a bookworm, I am sure most of you already have a Goodreads account, correct? For those of you who aren’t a member, let me guess, you still visit that site regularly. I love Goodreads, despite of its weakness (hey, nothing in this world is perfect), but if you are looking for other bookish sites to visit, I have listed some for you. Here they are, I hope you find them useful.

Well, the site name gives it away already. It’s not at all similar to Goodreads, in fact it’s pretty different. If you visit Buzzfeed often, Bookish is like that. The contents are mainly list posts which can give inspiration on what to read next. The site recently has gone for facelift, and guess what, it looks so nice now with it’s cleaner and easier to navigate layout.

Literally is a new site and from what I heard it was developed by a book blogger and her husband. I think it has a cool feature like an option to import your Goodreads data. The site claims being made just for readers and will help you organize your mile long to-read list. From what I see now, the promised features aren’t even launched yet (I am sure they are working on it), which is a shame. It’s still very bland. I am curious on how its final site will look like, because frankly it looks promising.

This site is super witty. It only has one page which features a (talking) picture of a man from a century behind. I have no clue who he was, actually, if you do, please let me know because I am very curious. How to use it? Simply type the book title and the author and you’ll get list of books that you might like based on the info you give. Don’t forget to include the author otherwise that cool man will get grumpy! Yes, I mean it, try it for yourself.

WhyToRead is a little similar with Bookish, which feature list of books in its post. You don’t have to agree with its book choices though. Overall, judging from visual aspect, I prefer Bookish because it’s a lot neater and easier on the eyes. However, having lots of reference is never a bad thing, true? Maybe you could use Whytoread for cross reference purpose.

Over to you! Do you have other go-to bookish sites as well? What are they and what do you like about them?


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