Favorite Books in 2016 (First Half-Year)

Gee, I cannot believe it is June already. New year celebration still feels like yesterday. There are many things happened this half year. My oldest will attend elementary school soon. I’m excited as I can be, but on the other hand quite sad because the lovely time in kindergarten is finally over. Oh, if only those children know how precious childhood is!

As for reading, so far things go well. I am on 43% of my Goodreads reading challenge. Hopefully I can make it this year considering there is no fat tomes on my to-read list. Here’s a detail about my bookish (very small) accomplishment:

I managed to finish 3 series (The Art of Hearing Heartbeats, Kane Chronicles and Ireland). I am quite satisfied because I can say that I am suck series. Only one more book of Faiyland, and it’d be 4 series I finish this year. Yay!

So far I have DNF 2 out of 18 books. I know some book bloggers maybe read 16 books a month, I just cannot do that, despite of how much I love reading. So, if you read more than 10 books a month, more power to you! You are one step closer to become a literature superhero. So, here are my 5 favorite books in the last six months, click on the titles below to read my reviews.

 Remarkable Creatures / A Well-Tempered Heart / Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes

Not a strong start, but I am quite satisfied with my half year reading journey. This year I created a to-read list that I really have to “obey”, most of the books are ones that I have been dying to read for a while, so you may not see new releases as often. After all, a good book isn’t something that goes out of style isn’t it (unless you are talking about a computer programming book, which is not the case).

How is it going with your reading journey? Did you discover any great books? What are they? What book you couldn’t finish? Please tell us!


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