How I Pick Books to Read

Hey everyone, great to see you again! Let’s talk about our reading pile today! Oh, I know you have tons of books in your to-read list. It’s a very common thing among bookworms, I reckon. I myself have hundreds of books I want to read and the list changes everyday. Sometimes I am so in the mood for serious books, other times I might be sick of it and my mood plays a big part in this. Now, here are things that influence me when choosing a book to read.

If the book has been made into a movie
This is a priority for me when choosing what to read next. I have this feeling that when the books is good enough, it’d make it into screen. For example, I read A Song of Ice and Fire series and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter because I saw the ad on TV. I am now in a phase where I don’t want to be bothered lame books, so if the book is famous enough, I’d be very likely to read it. 

Don’t get me wrong though, the movie production isn’t a guarantee that I would love the book. It’s a business after all, they make movie for books which already have a fan base and rating is a very subjective matter. Other than that, I am also a visual person. I love watching what I read and it completes the excitement.

Pretty covers attract me

I know this sounds shallow, but I love seeing pretty covers, especially the colorful ones (I sound like a preschooler, don’t I? Well, who cares?). My fondness of fancy covers has backfired, many times in fact, because sometimes the story line isn’t attractive as the outer look, or it has nothing to do with what the cover shows. This is not a priority for me in book picking, but it still has its influence. I also love catchy titles

I like unique and memorable titles. Something short and sweet, preferably poetic. My favorite titles so far are “The One and Only Ivan”, “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo”, “And The Mountains Echoed” and “The White Forest”. I also like something blatant like “The Ugly Sister”, “Watermelon” etc. I rarely read a book that has one word title.

This is a favorite era of mine when it comes to historical fiction. I don’t know why, maybe I just like anything retro. When I read such books, my mind is filled with characters that have big hair, tight trousers and big shoulder pads. It’s fun imagining them that way. The author’s previous works This is also important for me. If I have read and loved other books of the writer, chances are I would definitely read his/her novel. I find many good but underrated authors this way and if I also fall for the book, I’d rave for it as well. It deserves the attention, and since I enjoyed it, it’s only fair to give it the highest rating.

* * * * *

Alright folks, those are my top 5 reasons. I am very sure that you have your own method too, so why not share it with us in the comment below 🙂


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