How to Survive Reading Thick Books

I used to be terrified of thick books. The first thing that comes to my mind when I see one is, how many years would it take to finish it. Now, though sometimes I feel nervous, at least I am not terrified anymore. Hey, I managed to finished big series (A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter) and you know what? I still crave for more.

I can say that thick book actually has an advantage. If you love it so much you don’t want it to end, well a thick book is for you. It will still end, but at least not that fast *giggles*If you are just starting to read thick books, I’ve got some tips for you. These are what work for me, if you have your own tips, feel free to drop some at the comment section!

No need to be scared

Yup, easier said that done, of course. But take it from me, thick book isn’t here to hurt you. It doesn’t have sharp teeth or long claws nor it forces you to read it (no one does, unless you read it for school assignment), so actually you have nothing to lose. The worst thing can happen is you abandon the book. See, there’s nothing to be afraid of!

Take it easy

Don’t be too much on yourself if you happen not to have a super reading speed. I personally believe that it’s a talent, no if you don’t have it, it’s not the end of the world. The good news is, you can sharpen that skill by reading often. Practice makes perfect. To be honest, my speed reading skill sucks, but it doesn’t stop me to digest the big fat tomes. If I can do that, so can you.

Take a nice break

This the the downside of reading thick books. Unless you have no life, there’s no way you would finish a 1200-page long book in three days without hurting your eyes. I am strongly against this, period. By all means, take a break! It’s good for your health and your sanity. Ignore people who like to show off (hey, I finished this series only within 2 days), they are not worth your time. A book blogger may know this. One day you stop by a blog with tons of reviews within a week. Chances are, they lie or they have more than one person behind the blog. If you finally have the courage to start reading a thick book, give yourself a pat on your back!

Choose books from your favorite genre / author

This one is rather self explanatory. If you like fantasy, go with fantasy. Enjoy horror? Oh, there are tons of horror thick books you can choose. Reading is about you, it only make sense to go with your preference. Want to go out of your comfort zone? Yay for you and see #2 and #3 of this post.

Have some snacks

This is the most important thing for me (not only when reading thick books, actually). Believe it or not, a good snack can help a lot to keep you going. Chocolate brings good mood, maybe stock some in case you need cheering up. I prefer big meals actually, but then again, I am trying to gain my weight *giggles* Fruit or frozen yoghurt are healthier choices and if you happen to consume too much sugar and the likes, balance it with exercising.

All right fellows, those are my tips and I hope they would be useful for you. Now, your turn! Are you a fan of thick books? What is your tip for reading one?


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