Skills I Wish to Master

Hello everyone, great to see you again! It is the fact well known that knowledge is power. I have been thinking a lot lately because to be honest, I am not that satisfied with where I am now. I wish to continue my study, or learn any new skill, anything that can better my self. My want is bigger than my energy and my time though, I guess this is why people keep on saying time management is a very precious skill. Now here are those skills I really wish to master:

Web design

Pretty obvious. I wanted to be a web designer back then in high school. How cool it would be to create pretty and functional websites on your own! Web designing is a lot of work, actually. Not to mention those codes you’ve got to learn. I guess it wouldn’t be effective to learn it on your own. I am thinking about taking a class but gosh, the schedule never fits me *sighs*


Back in my youth, I spent most of my time in school or extra courses. There was almost no time for myself and once I was home, I was completely exhausted. I kind of envy those girls who got the chance to learn cooking from their moms, like my sister in laws. My cooking skill sucks because I didn’t get the chance to learn it. My mom is a great cook and it’s an irony (and a shame) that I don’t have her skill.


Ugh, my husband talks about this non stop. I know how to ride a motorbike, but I won’t because I fell off it once and it traumatized me. Now that he’s away and can’t take me to work anymore (thankfully my Father in law is so kindhearted he takes me and the children to work and school everyday), he believes that I need to learn driving whether I like it or not. Trust me I’d love to drive a car, but the road terrifies me. He’s right though, I can’t depend on others all the time. I will take vacation from work and go to driving class next year. Hopefully it will lessen my fear, aameen!

* * *

Now that I think about it, sometimes I wonder if I really need to learn them all or am I trying to be a supermom? I am not sure, but I know driving is very important now. And cooking too. There’s nothing like home cooked meals, right? This is the fact I learned the hard way since I live away from my parents. Your turn, my friends! What are the skill you wish to learn or master? Do you envy those who are good in them? How do you plan to sharpen the skill? Tell us about it!


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