So, You Want to Steal Time to Read (It Can be Done!)

This is a second part of Reading for Busy People. I thought I might add a follow up post because it is kind of a similar topic. Well, I am sure most of you know this saying : if it’s important to you, you’ll find a way, if it’s not, you’ll find an excuse. It applies nicely for this “stealing time”, because when you’re busy, sometimes you find difficult on how and which to prioritize.

The day I learned that reading is important to me was in 2011, yes, the year I started to blog about books. I never knew there’s a community of book bloggers (and I am glad I found it). I blog because I wanted to start a reading journal, and to convinced myself that I could still read despite of having young children a full time job.

Having a blog does give me more encouragement. Yes, because I finally have a place to write how I feel towards a certain book. It also allows me to do some tricks to finish reading books, without feeling like being pressured into it. Below are things that work for me, if you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend that you go ahead conquer that book. It is not that difficult, I promise. Now, let’s see if you’ll find your way or your excuse. 

Be pickier with what you choose to read

Although it has nothing to do directly with stealing time per se, being pickier saves you time so you don’t have to motivate yourself as often to read. Why, because you read what you believe you’ll love. It could be the genre, author or rereading a favorite book you used to adore. Reading would be an easier task, if you start by something that interests you.

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Lunch break is your my best friend

It’s something I can’t wait during my work day (don’t tell my boss!). Reading while eating is the greatest thing ever. It’s a “skill” not everyone would approve though, because it can get messy and some people thing it’s gross, but I love doing it. In fact, I’m the best reader when I have something to munch. Oh, and did you know that reading is better when it’s done in full stomach? Well, this one, I made that up, but you get the idea. Next lunch break, bring a book with you!

Get up earlier in the morning 

I am a morning person. I feel happiest in the morning, after all. There are some perks of waking up early, for instance, the ability to do something you like before starting the day. I read a book in the morning, it helps me relax and ready to start the day with a bang. Although it may seem like not much time, this methods helps me finish a chapter or two. Not bad, if you ask me!

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… or read before you’re going to bed

I understand that not everyone is a morning person. If you’re a night owl, try reading before you’re going to bed. Nothing so exciting though, especially if you have insomnia because it could make it worse. I do this, too. Quite often, in fact especially whenever I am not sleepy yet. Why not put a light and easy book near your bed. Five or ten minutes to read is indeed worth it.

… or when you have nothing important to do

Like it’s possible at all, I know. I am grateful that my kids are now independent enough finally. They don’t whine anymore or as clingy as they used to be so I can have me some “me” time. Well, I’d just put crayons and paper and let them color while I enjoy a book. For those of you with young children, remember this : they grow too fast. Don’t be too hard on yourself, just focus on doing the best for your child. Reading can wait and it won’t be long, I promise.

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… and don’t forget to avoid distractions

Like reading this lame blog post, TV, mobile phone, computer, shut them down or at least put them where it is hard to reach. No distractions means more time and energy to focus on reading. To tell you the truth, this is the hardest and until now, I still cannot master this (in fact, I am a master of nothing!). However, it is easier if you do it often enough. You’ll get used to only pick up the phone when it’s ringing, for example or you’ll be too lazy to turn on the TV for entertainment because picking a book is easier, reading can be done when you’re lying down.

So how about you? Are you a busy bee? How do you put reading to fit your tight schedule? Please share your tips!


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