So, You’ve Started A Book Blog : Now What?

First of all, I would like to congratulate you. You are now just a few steps away from conquering the world (of books, that is). Now, the big questions is what are you going to do now? Chill out, it’s perfectly normal to ask yourself this kind of question. Blogging needs a commitment and I am pretty sure you are willing to do some works, especially on these early days. You don’t have to do all the work in one sitting. There’s no need for that, actually. Let yourself be excited. Seriously, enjoy that feeling while it lasts because it’s not going to there forever. While you are still excited, maybe you can use that extra positive energy to keep your new baby book blog up and running.

You’ll wonder what to review

You’ll also doubt if it would be cool to review old books. Gosh! Books have no expire date, there’s no uncool period on to review them. Old books and new books are equally awesome. So, in order to build your blog’s content library, start reviewing books you already have. No need to force yourself to buy new books if you don’t have a budget. The point of book blogging is to have some bookish chat, how much pocket money you have is irrelevant.

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You’ll wonder how to face blogger’s block

I am sorry I have to bring you a bad news. There’s no way to avoid blogger’s block. You’ll face it sooner or later. Heck, in my case, it’s sooner rather than later. It’s actually your brain’s way of telling you that you’ve written enough now it’s time to rest. Grant its request. Go out and breathe the fresh air. Read books, watch movies, go shopping, try out a new recipe. Anything. Relaxing yourself (or brain) is needed to keep the inspiration coming, and you’ll never know where the next one come from…

…which will make you wonder whether to bring a notebook every where

Yes, it’s a good idea to write down any ideas whenever they cross your mind. Notebooks are too heavy for me, they’re not petite girl friendly. What I do is writing my ideas on my phone. So much easier. And lighter! I don’t like using my hand for writing, you know. You’ll lose all your inspiration instantly if you see how abstract my handwriting is. So, do some trial and error. Try writing on a notebook or phone and do what works best for you.

You’ll also wonder if you should say hello to the fellow bloggers

Go ahead, what’s stopping you? Let me tell you a secret! Socializing is actually the best feature of blogging. Blogging is not about writing content. It’s actually about chatting your favorite subject and making new friends. So, why not stop by their blogs and leave meaningful comments. Start following your favorites, who knows one of their future post will give you an inspiration. We’re social animals after all, it only makes sense to socialize. Related post:

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And the last but not least …

… you’ll wonder when your blog will gain popularity. This is tough, you know because even the pros will never know the answer. I have been doing this 4 years and my guts tell me that my blog will never be big. It is OK with me, actually because I am aware that I am lack or resources to build a huge blog. This might not be the case for you. I have no advice other than just keep what you are doing. Do what works for you, drop what wastes your time. Love your readers, entertain them and make them feel welcome. Do what you must to make them come back. Related post :

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* * * * *

Enough ramblings. New bloggers, how do you feel after starting a blog? Old timers : what’s your biggest struggle when it comes to blogging?


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