Top 5 Myths of A Bookworm

I actually came upon a few memes and pictures that describe the life of a book worm lately. While some of them are funny, the others are somewhat exaggerating. Please don’t get me wrong, I know those memes aren’t to be taken seriously, but I feel I need to make a clarification, so the non readers could see the reality behind it. Well, let’s face it, not everything you read on the internet is true, so here are the lists of myths about bookworms that I came across.

Myth #1 : Bookworms are anti-social

Definitely false. Maybe some of you have seen memes like “don’t disturb me when I am reading” kind of things, this is quite annoying, if you ask me. Bookworms are human too and human is a social creature. Some people enjoy being alone but it doesn’t mean that they’re anti social. They also have friends, and many bookworms join book clubs and there they meet new people. I love books, but I also have other interest. Being a bookworm doesn’t mean I live in a cave.

Myth #2 : Bookworms are weird, sometimes they’re in love with fictional characters

Maybe true. I don’t know about being weird, though, but I admit many bookworms have a favorite character that they wish to be alive. I myself have a favorite character, but I haven’t felt the love. Just admiration, maybe. Perhaps it’s because I am older reader whose puberty was decades ago, contrary to the youngster ones (hormones, baby!). Have you fallen in love with a fictional character? Do you think it’s weird?

Myth #3 : Bookworms have no life

Of course it’s false. This is why I said you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I am kind of offended with this myth. Bookworms do have lives (see myth #1). They work, they take care of their family, they socialize with their friends, how come they have no life? If you see a meme with this theme, dearest non readers, kindly ignore it.

Myth #4 : Bookworms only care about books

Not true. I care about other things too. Even though I like books, it doesn’t mean my life revolves around them. I care about my loved ones and I care about my other interests. I am sure other bookworms feel the same, too. Just so you know sometimes I am tired of reading books that I put my e-reader away from me. No matter how much you love something, sooner of later it would bore you. That’s why I think that people who have so many hobbies have fuller life and I want my life to be as colorful as possible.

Myth #5 : Bookworms never leave the house without a book

Ha, this might be true. I am one of those who do. I always have a book with me and I think many people do the same too. I bring book to my work, so when I wait for my husband to pick me up at the end of the day, I won’t have to face boredom. My husband seems to understand this, he always put my e-reader into my bag, in case I forget it. How about you? Do you always carry a book with you?

That’s all for today’s post, folks! Do you happen to remember an annoying myth about us bookworms, too? Do you feel sometimes we are being misunderstood?


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