Tutorial : How To Make Blogger Circle Profile Picture with PicMonkey

Hey ya’ll! Hope you’re doing great. Tired with your default picture? Let’s prettify it a little. This time I’d show you how to make a circle profile picture for your blog, the easy way. Well, there are many ways actually, one of them is inserting some code into your template, creating it with Photoshop, but heck, who has the time for coding or messing with complicated image editor! This tutorial will show you how to create it easily even my 5-year-old can do it. Here are the steps:
Visit picmonkey.com

, and click “edit” option.

Pick a favorite picture of yours, make sure it’s in good resolution so the cropping process will be easier. It’s always better to use bigger picture, you can always resize it later. For now, I am using this adorable little girl picture.

Next, select “shape cutout”. It’s the one at the very top. Select the circle shape and you will notice the picture cropped in circle shape immediately. You can drag the circle around to select the perfect spot. There you go! Now, time to click the “apply” button.

Now, time to do some cropping. You can see the picture above has some blank space on its sides. You don’t want that. Let’s get rid of it, so your picture will sit proportionally on the sidebar. Click the crop button, do some adjusting so it looks like the picture below then click “apply”.

If you are feeling creative, you can also add some decoration on the picture like cute fonts, clipart, etc. Now, all you have to do is to resize and save it to your computer.  

Don’t forget to save your image! You may want to check the exact size of your sidebar as well. If it’s around 300 pixels wide, your picture size should not be bigger than that. Change the “dimension” to your preferred size and click “save on my computer”. Voila, now you have a circle profile picture. All you have to do is to incorporate it into your blog layout

If you use Blogger, simply use the “Image” widget and upload your picture. To add a welcome message, add “Text” widget below it. See, easy as pie, isn’t it? That’s all for now, folks! I hope this quick tutorial will be helpful to you. See ya’ at the next post!


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