Western Movies I Watched During Reading Slump

To be completely honest, I am not really familiar with western movies despite of being the daughter of a lady who is a cowboy movie maniac. They’re not my type of go-to movies, well if it weren’t for my mom, I couldn’t care less about them. It’s not that I think they’re not good enough, but to me, they are a bit dated compared to action-packed superhero movies I love so much. I mean, look at the special effects they make these days and try compare it with cowboys and their guns and horses. The western movie simply doesn’t stand a chance.

Or so I thought.

I believe it runs in the family, because I noticed my uncle (my mom’s brother) was also into it as well. You know, when we still meet regularly, she would ask me if there’s new cowboy movie coming out. I simply said:

“No, Ma. They don’t make that kind of movie anymore nowadays.”

“Why not?” I would try to made things up, something that hopefully make sense. 

“Well, because the horses, you know, it’s hard to find trained horses that are not afraid of the sound of the guns.” I shrugged and she’d just nod.

See, how annoyingly ignorant I was! It is only recently that I realized that the movie makers are still producing western movie. I was living under a rock and as a movie lover I am, this is shameful. It stayed that way until this movie came along and rescue my stupid self:

The Revenant

The reason why I watched this is because of the hype. This is also the movie that convinced me to be an official fan of DiCaprio. Even though The Revenant doesn’t really have much dialogue but this movie speaks volume. This is one of the the best western movies I’ve ever watched (says a person who’ve watched only a handful of cowboys on screen).

The Hateful Eight

This movie, despite of being marketed as gruesome and full of gunshot – since it is made by Quentin Tarantino – actually made me laugh. I don’t know which part that got me, but it looks like it’s the scene where a character was getting shot between his legs. It’s not suppose to be funny, I know. But still… The acting is superb, and so is the dialogue this is the kind of movie which I describe as “crazy, but good, but crazy, but good….”

Django Unchained

Another gruesome Tarantino’s style, I love this movie so much. The story is darker compared to The Hateful Eight, but since this is Tarantino’s movie, there’s got to be someone being shot between the legs. I am giggling as I write this, don’t ask me why. Not for the faint of heart, it depicts how cruelly slaves were treated back then, but the ending is awesome. 

Jane Got A Gun

I watched this simply because there’s Natalie Portman in it. Jane Got A Gun is probably my least favorite from this list. It’s not that it’s lame, but you know, I kind of enjoy the gun shots, this movie simply lacks of it. The story is good, anyway but it is slow as snail I even wondered if they were just going to talk and talk until the end of the movie. If you’re patient, go ahead, at least the ending is good.

So, what do you do during reading slump? Do you like watching movies, too? What genres are your favorite? Tell us!


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