What Are Your Dreams As A Book Blogger?

Hello everyone! Nice to see you again. It’s now 2016 which means I have been book blogging for almost 5 years now. Gosh, time sure flies so fast! It’s a learning experience for me, a precious one in fact. Being a blogger does help me to understand things deeper, gives me a lot food for thought and of course, dreams. Oh, we bookworms have dreams, too. To be frank, it would be so amazing if they come true, especially because they’re a bit unrealistic and some are totally not up to me. But, hey! That’s why they’re called dreams, so here are mine and I am dying to know about yours!

To convert a non reader into a reader

… but I don’t know how to do it without being rude, obnoxious or sound like a know-it-all. People around me said that they don’t have time or reading is simply is not important enough to make time for. See, I am kind of hopeless with adults, so my biggest hope is my children. My oldest can’t wait for the newest edition of her favorite children magazine. My youngest will come and join whenever I read to her sister. She would laugh if she finds something funny, good signs because that means she does listen to me when reading to them. God, I hope this last, because if they find books to be fun, I would be the happiest parent in the world. Next step is the nephew and niece, let’s see if I can turn them into future book lovers!

To convince the cynics that they just don’t find their genres yet

I’m sure this is not something new to you, but hey, every bookworm was a non reader once. There’s always this book that got him/her hooked. See, this is the most common scenario, to be captivated by a particular book and end up wanting for more. There are many genres out there, they are too large to ignore and if only, oh if only one gave just one month to really try, I promise the future favorite book will soon emerge. I don’t know how to do this, don’t ask me (see #1). If you have any tips, please let me know.

To see the libraries become easier to access

I am so envious with developed countries where libraries are so easier to access. I don’t remember the last time I visited the library. 15 years ago? The closest from me is a public library, about 5 or 6 Kilometres away. I have never visited it (yet) nor I am interested enough to be a member. It’s too much hassle when returning the books, considering the trip I have to take to get there. Well, my workplace had a “library”. They just stacked the books there on the corner gathering dust. They had to move them to a “better” room downstairs, they said. I never where the better room was, so I had no idea what happened next. A shame. So, yes. Life would be better when there are many libraries near you.

To convince those little children that reading is actually fun

Since I am kind of hopeless with adults, maybe I should start with the children instead? It saddens me that nowadays children are so glued to their gadgets and some of them even associate reading with the scary school exams. I cannot help not to be a little disturbed by this. If only they knew! I wish they realized how a book can be even more adventurous than the games they play on their tablets. I used to be a gamer, too. They’re so fun to play, even for adults. But it doesn’t helps with your academic ventures. How would you digest those thick fat text books if you’re not used to books in the first place? School would be easier if you are willing to read, that’s a fact.

To see this sucky blog conquers the world

How cool is that? This is very unlikely to come true, because one, I don’t have an army, two, I am too stupid to do that. The reason I wrote this paragraph is because I like the word “conquer”, it sounds so sophisticated that it only makes sense to add it somewhere in this post to waste my reader’s time. Mission accomplished, everyone. If you’re still reading this, I have wasted your time *evil laugh* Did I say I’d like to know about your bookish dreams? Now it’s time for you to brag for all I care (hey, I genuinely care!). Tell us, folks!


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