What Kind of Book Gets 5 Stars from You?

Great books are hard to find. With so many books being released everyday, it’s even harder to spot the gem from the crowd. I once ended up with so many books I didn’t like and I was quite devastated. Yes, I mean it! You know, for most of us, time is a very valuable thing. So, when you waste it for something you don’t like, deep down you’ll demand it back.
Now, talking about great books, I am actually kind of stingy with my stars. You may ask, why? It’s free to give and harmless anyway. I know, but still I’d like to provide my readers the most honest opinion I can give. I can just throw 5 stars to every books I read, but then again people will wonder if I really did read those book, right? That would be misleading and a blogger must not mislead his/her readers.

Having said that, when I find a book that meets all the “criteria” for a 5-stars book, I’d give it what it deserves without having a second thought. Those criteria are :

A heart toucher

I love it when a book brings out the most emotional part of me. I love it when it makes me cry, scared, laugh, angry, you name it. When a book touches a reader’s heart, then the author has done something right in his/her writing. He/she has picked the best phrases and sentences to describe the story and that means he/she did a great job.

A Page turner
A good book will keep the readers excited and before they know it, they have reached the last page. When you find a good book, you simply do not want it to end. It will lead your finger to turn every single page of it, it will not let you skip the chapter, not even once. 

A believable-er
Yes, even for fantasy where magic happens. Well, magic don’t happen just like that, right? There are some process for it to occur. A crime story writer has to know how the police process the cases, for example. When a story is hard to believe, I wouldn’t give it 5 stars.

A good ender

I like both happy and sad ending. As long as the story is logical enough, any ending would do. I like endings that takes my breath away or those that leave me jaw dropped (in a good way). … with great characters I very often find annoying MAIN characters in books. Those who are so stuck up or unbelievably stubborn and ungrateful which makes the character don’t sound like a human at all. I wonder if he/she is a demon after all. Characters with golden heart and astonishingly kind is also annoying, unless the author is writing about angels.

* * * * *

Those are my criteria for a 5 star book. Sometimes I find the gems, other times I don’t. Well, the good side is, reading a book is like having an adventure. There is some troubles you’ll face, but hey, they wouldn’t call it adventure for no reason! *winks*

Now, how about you? What kind of book gets 5 stars from you?


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