Why Do Some People Read at The Beach?

Alright, let me explain first. This post in a genuine question. I believe in “you should read anywhere you like or anywhere possible”, but I still do not understand this “beach read” thingy. Well, you are on Pinterest a lot, you’d see a lot of pinners save many reading lists like “beach reads of 2016” or “best of summer reads” etc. 

I don’t understand beach read. Or summer read.

I am all for stealing time to read. If you don’t know yet, I live in a tropical country, Indonesia. We get lots of sun here, so in my case, I love it when it rains. Cooler weather calms me. It is soothing and a very effective in improving my mood. So, of course I get the “curl up with a book on a rainy day” kind of thing. It’s a perfect set up for a bookworm, after all.

Oh, I used to love near the beach as well. For years, in fact. So, I cannot say I see anything special in a beach. It’s just water. With waves. And lots of sun. And heat. I understand the appeal, though, especially to you, Westerners. You love the summer, you adore the sun, beach reminds you of picnic time and sweet cold drinks, what’s not to love about it?

But why read there? Why this beach read book recommendation even exists? As a tropical person, I must say it’s hard for me to understand. It’s too hot to read indoor (without air conditioner), why read outdoor at the beach where the sun  is notoriously the hottest? 

And since you love the summer so much, why not “really” enjoy it by going swimming,  doing some barbecue, inviting your neighbors for lemonade or something but why oh why just sit still out there to read. It’s too hot, how can you concentrate with all the heat.

I really hope you lovely folks will chime in and share your point of view. Especially if you are a beach readers. Please enlighten me on this matter, I really know nothing about this. Just so you know, this question emerged in my mind at 12 A.M. in the morning, let’s just say that my curiosity is acting up (again). My curiosity is a peculiar beast, it comes whenever it feels like it, and in this case, it also itches like hell. 

So, do you read at the beach? What makes a book qualify for a beach read?


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