Why I Am Still On Blogger

First of all, this post is not about playing devil’s advocate. This question has been in my mind for a few years, actually (on an off, mind you). During my first months of blogging, I was sure that I was going to migrate to self hosted WordPress sooner or later, because that’s what everyone does. They usually outgrow their first blogging platform and then switch to one that can cater their needs.

To migrate of not to migrate. That’s the question.

I have been using Blogger for more than 5 years. Before I started this blog, I had some blogs where I post random stuffs that anyone couldn’t care less about. I didn’t really understand the point of blogging back then, I just did it for fun.

This is the blog where I try to do my best and four years later, I am still using the same platform. Yes, even when everyone and their mothers have migrated to self hosted WordPress. You know, my main hesitation is not the hosting fee, actually. In fact, I personally think the fee is actually reasonable and affordable.

What I don’t like is the learning curve.

I guess it’s just the lazy girl in me? WordPress is famous (or notorious?) with its many plugins, which many people love. Well, to tell you the truth I am the opposite. Yes, I like having options however having too many options will let me feeling overwhelmed. There are too many things for me to learn and I don’t feel like doing it.

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It is hard enough to come up with regular blog post schedule, I don’t think I could handle WordPress kind of maintenance and oh, not to mention keeping your blog secure. Phew! What a lot of work! I just want to sit, write and talk to you, folks. WordPress seems like too much work for me. Work that I am not ready to commit.

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For now, Blogger caters my needs. It’s is simple and user friendly. It’s not perfect, but great for bloggers like me who just want write. It is not broken *knocks on wood*, I am not fixing it. Will I ever migrate to WordPress? Never say never. I believe WordPress is a powerful blogging platform, there is a reason why it’s very popular among professional bloggers so, maybe I will, when the time is right.

Let’s talk about you! Have you ever thought of switching blogging platform? What are you using now? Are you satisfied with it? 


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